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1. Wash your hands using soap and water or hand sanitizer.

2. Pull the loops of the mask back to fit them around your ears.

3. Pull the upper and lower ends of the mask over nose and chin so that no open gaps remain between face and mask.

4. Firmly press the nose clip into your mask across nose and cheeks to fit.

5. Avoid touching the mask while wearing.

Protects against solid and liquid aerosols according to EN149:2001+A1:2009
and (EU)2016/425.
For single use only, dispose after 4 hours of use.
Store in original package.
In case of questions contact your safety officer or Hygiene Austria to select the right respirator and protection level observe national regulations.

Check before use: Use mask only if not damaged, follow the pictograms on the packaging. Take care that you use the correct protection level.

Perform a leak fit check: Cover the mask with both hands and exhale sharply. If leakage is detected, check fit of the mask and straps. Only enter the workplace when proper fit is achieved.

Attention: Facial hair can prevent adequate fit.

Warning: The wearer must be instructed in the proper use of the mask. Do not use in explosive atmospheres. Does not protect the wearer against gases, vapors, solvents or atmospheres with less than 19.5% oxygen. Do not enter unventilated narrow rooms and shafts with filtering face pieces. Does not protect against radioactive particles. Do not use against unknown contaminants and concentrations. Leave area when breathing becomes difficult or dizziness/nausea occurs. Dispose of respirator when damaged or breathing resistance increases strongly. Never modify or repair masks. Incorrect use or not following the user instructions can reduce the protection level and can lead to illness or to permanent damage to health.