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Be on the safe side & make a cool entrance

FFP2 masks from Austria

Stylish protection Made In Austria! FFP2 masks produced in Austria with a guaranteed optimal filter performance, brings lasting style to your everyday life.

Short delivery routes

paper packaging

4 years shelf life


Ökotex certificate

5 layers of fleece

Good for me. Good for the environment.

It goes without saying, all FFP2 masks comply with the CE certification and have also been awarded the OEKO-TEX® certificate. You can feel the difference with every breath. Comfort meets maximum filter performance. Ideally, you won't even notice the mask and still remain safely protected. Our 5-layer fleece filter is particularly breathable, naturally tested for harmful substances and thus meets even the highest of demands. A flexible nose clip and colour-coordinated straps ensure the perfect fit, even during long periods of use.


comfort meets maximum filter performance.

Safe FFP2 masks for

Children and ADULTS

Be it in hospital or kindergarten, everyone deserves the best possible protection without compromise. In addition, our masks bring more happiness and enjoyment into everyday life. They set colourful accents and underline your individual style. An additional parent bonus: If your child likes the color of the mask, the wearing discussion is (almost) reduced to zero!

We go one step further.

We avoid single-use plastic wherever possible and prefer to package our masks in recyclable paper. Our production in Wiener Neudorf ensures short delivery routes in Austria thus minimizing CO2 emissions. Our FFP2 masks are delivered in a quality that meets all your expectations. As with all our health products, we maintain an innovative and all-round compatible approach for people and nature.

All-round sustainable: packaging with improved recyclability

Our masks are individually wrapped in paper, which can be optimally recycled after unwrapping at any paper recycling  point. We also refrain from large-area printing on our boxes, which also increases the recycling factor. We are constantly looking for best possible solutions when it comes to the environment.

Hygiene Austria was founded to ensure security of supply for personal protective equipment during times of crisis in Austria. Since April 2020 we have been manufacturing MNS and FFP2 masks at the company headquarters in Wiener Neudorf, Austria.